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The Evaluation Guidelines are a set of best practices in implementing sustainability measures in tourism businesses. Currently, guidelines have been developed for hotels only. Other tourism business sector guidelines are being developed.
The Evaluation Guidelines are not meant to be taken as definitive CST standards. They are guidelines that assist business people design their own sustainability strategy.

The Evaluation Guidelines are structured in the follwoing way:

  • What is expected?
    The Evaluation Questionnaire is explained in terms of what objective and results are expected for each group of questions.
  • Recommended Practices
    This guidelines section gives ideas to help businessmen to better apply sustainability measures and offers information on standards in areas such as use of energy and water treatment, among others.
    In some cases, the recommended practices specifically state what minimal conditions must be met by the hotel in order to qualify with a "Yes" in a given question. For example, when the business is required to present a "Sustainability Plan", this plan must comply with the structure presented in the Guidelines.


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