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It is a program seeking the categorization and certification of tourist companies according to the level its operation comes closer to a model of sustainability. To this effect, four fundamental aspects are evaluated:

The Costa Rican Tourist Board's Certification for Sustainable Tourism program, is an excellent tool to promote the country's sustainable development. Alvaro Ugalde, Founder of the Costa Rican National Parks System

1. Physical-biological interactions
Evaluates the interaction between the company and its surrounding natural habitat.
2. Infrastructure and services
Evaluates the management policies and operational systems within the company and its infrastructure.
3. External clients
Evaluates management actions taken in its invitation to clients to participate in the company's sustainability policy implementation.
4. Socio-economic environment
Evaluates the company's interaction with local communities and population in general.

For each and every one of these items a list of specific questions was designed to help evaluate how thoroughly the firm complies with a series of standards previously established for the social, environmental, and economic fields. Each and every one of the questions refers to an element of sustainability with which the firm should comply in order to qualify in any one of the different stages or levels of fulfillment, which for our purposes we have labeled "levels". The final rating will be assigned to the company in question according to the lowest level achieved in any of the four fields evaluated.
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