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The span of the Costa Rican territory, from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea, is 200 miles. The variety of landscapes and microclimates that can be enjoyed in one day make this country a paradise destination.

In simply 51 thousand square kilometers, the traveler can find: sun and beaches, adventure, nature and culture; necessary components to satisfy the likes of thousands of tourists that find in Costa Rica their ideal holiday.

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Costa Rica occupies a privileged spot in the heart of Central America. While its territory of 19,652 square miles touches both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, the country is surprisingly accessible - one can travel from coast to coast in just three hours by car (or 45 minutes by plane).

The Caribbean region of Costa Rica stands out for its variety of aquatic ecosystems and its beautiful white and black sand beaches, providing an ideal setting for activities such as sport fishing, snorkeling, and sun bathing. The Pacific coast concentrates big tourist centers and its beaches are very popular for surfing, for example Esterillos, Jaco, Hermosa, Boca Barranca. In the Golfito region, near the Marino Ballena National Park, surfing fans can find the famous "long lefthander wave."

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The richness of Costa Rica stems from the cultural diversity of its people. Throughout its history, waves of immigrants have added to the pre-Hispanic native populations, settling on this land and making it their home.

Presently, in addition to the majority Mestizo demographic, there are several colonial and national immigrant ethnicities that have restored their unique cultural heritage like African descendants, Chinese, Hebrews, Libanese, Italians, etc., as well as native people of Bribri, Cabécar, Maleku, Teribe, Boruca, Ngöbe, Huetar and Chorotega.

Costa Ricans are proud to have had more than a century of democratic tradition and more than 50 years without a military. This was abolished in 1948, and the money that the country saves from not having armed forces is invested in improving the quality of life of its citizens. This contributes to the social peace that makes Costa Rica a welcoming place to visit.


Costa Rica is a land of volcanoes, rain forests, waterfalls, and rivers. Adventure travelers can choose from a variety of activities such as rafting, snorkeling, kayaking, sport fishing, surfing, and lots more. The most challenging activity will be choosing what to do!

Costa Rica is a destination with an abundance of thrills and adrenaline for lovers of adventure tourism. The whole year round, and in most parts of the country, whether it is on water, land or earth, you can select among a great variety of activities for all of the family. Usually they take place in natural environments, where you will have unforgettable experiences.


Considered one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world, Costa Rica is divided in 20 natural parks, 8 biological reserves, and a series of protected areas that captivate ecotourism lovers. The variety of activities includes horseback riding, hiking mountainous paths in the cloud forests, and guided bird-watching tours.

Tortuguero National Park is especially famous for sea turtle nesting that takes place every year, and the natural canals that abound with protected species such as crocodiles, manatees, and otters.


The world’s offer in tourism is giving more importance each day to satisfying the increasing demand represented by family tourism.

The principles of democracy and peace in Costa Rica have been promoted throughout its history, so the country naturally developed a series of activities and places with specialized programs for family recreation: walks, guided visits, group games, interaction with diverse communities and cultural groups, tasting the varied Costa Rican gastronomy, beach sports, among others.

You may select among the many options that will contribute to the enthusiastic enjoyment of free time spent with your loved ones. Sports, adventures, nature, relaxation… those ingredients are part of the special family tourism you may experience in Costa Rica.


This country´s port industry honors the name of “Costa Rica”, which in English means “rich coast”. Each cruise ship that comes to its coasts will find optimum conditions for disembarkation: Specialized operators, excellent flotilla, surveillance and security from the Ministry of Public Safety, traffic police, and ambulances. Professional guides will be waiting to take tourists along the many available tours that will attract everyone.

Costa Ricans value highly the great natural treasures they have inherited. At the present time, approximately 25% of the territory has several protected areas: National Parks, Biological Reserves, National Wildlife Refuges. This exotic display of flora and fauna, is waiting for tourists from all over the world in a unique place, different from any other destination.


Costa Rica is definitely the ideal destination for your meetings and incentive travel events.

Certainly there are many reasons that make Costa Rica a suitable destination for your meetings and incentive programs: from its recognized dedication to the conservation of natural resources, its rich biodiversity and quality hotel infrastructure, to factors such as its recognized political stability, its high quality health services, ease of air access and excellent technological development, which is why many world renowned companies decided to install their regional offices in the country.


The stress level of individuals living in large cities increases day after day. This implies the need to find the proper solutions to today’s hectic lifestyle.

Costa Rica, home of natural paradises, has created a perfect combination between these environments and adequate infrastructures, for health and fitness enthusiasts.

Treat yourself to a grand-prize vacation in paradisiacal sites, where food, activities, and beauty treatments aim at making your stay a relaxing and enjoyable experience and, at the same time, improving your lifestyle. All of these elements will help you get rid of stress, muscle pains, fatigue, headaches, and slow down the aging process to make you feel good about yourself.


Every couple has dreamed of walking hand in hand, along a paradisiacal beach, feeling the softness of the sand while the water wets their feet. Costa Rica's multicolored beaches are waiting for you. Come and enjoy their beauty and spend a perfect honeymoon under the sun!

Explore the underwater world in an amazing diving experience, go sailing around the coast, play with the waves in a kayak, go fishing, play some golf, visit the nearby natural reserves where you will be amazed by the lush greenery. Feel the passion and romance hidden in the beautiful sunsets, while you walk along the beach hand in hand, listening to the soft, rippling sounds of the waves. These are some of the options that, together with Costa Rica’s natural beauty will always be part of the memories you will have of a fantastic honeymoon.


Costa Rica has invested more than 50 years in rural development, as well as the rural communities have struggled more than 500 years in order to defend their identity and claim the right to development and equity. All these years of efforts are capitalized today into new initiatives for the endogenous enhancement of the local economies.

Community Rural Tourism is one of the initiatives that, little by little, has represented an important means of development for those rural communities potentially capable of competing with other high quality attraction sites. The rural world is therefore kaleidoscopically unique as for assets, history, nature, talents, and hopes. This is the meaning of community rural tourism, an authentic tourist product impossible to imitate, an important tool for the development of the communities and the enhancement of the Costa Rican identity.


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