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Costa Rica

Allan FloresCosta Rica is a destination spot that offers many vacation options. It is a leader in adventure and eco-tourism, but it is also a preferred destination for health and well being, educational, and youth tourism. We are also preparing the country to compete in conference and meeting tourism.

The country is only 31,600 sq. miles in area, yet it is home to 5% of the world’s biodiversity. Therefore, thousands of nature lovers travel to our country to enjoy the flora and fauna.

Tourists can also go diving among a wealth of marine species, sport fishing, bird watching, surfing, hiking through forests, canopying, white-water rafting, and kayaking. There are also dozens of beaches that offer year-round open air activities thanks to the beautiful tropical forests and pleasant temperatures throughout the country.

Our country has become one of the preferred destination spots for responsible travelers and enthusiasts of sustainable tourism. Some 26% of the country’s territory is protected by a system of conservation areas and the country is aiming to be carbon neutral by 2021, which will be the country’s 200 year anniversary as a democracy. Both efforts reflect the commitment of Costa Ricans to preserve the natural heritage and which has made Costa Rica internationally famous as a “green” destination.

We are leaders in policy development of promoting sustainable tourism and recognized around the world for promoting a Tourism Development Model which seeks to find a balance between economic, natural, human, and social capital. In 1997, Costa Rica created a free and meticulous Sustainable Tourism Certification Program, the only one of its kind recognized by the World Tourism Organization as a program that has been able to change the way tourism is done by finding balance between development without affecting the environment and benefits that the local communities receive, as well as distinguish which companies are sustainable tourism businesses.

Many hotels and tour operators have been granted Sustainable Certification for the way they handle natural resources, respect the local culture, use green technologies, and improve the quality of life of the communities where they operate by generating employment or supporting projects that benefit everyone.

We diligently protect this small piece of paradise and continue to work to guarantee tourists an unforgettable experience when choosing Costa Rica as their vacation spot. We want their stay to expose visitors to our daily cultural, social, educational, and culinary aspects, in the city as well as the country.

We invite you to join the two million visitors a year that come to our country, one of the most exotic in the world, to experience, in a sustainable way, one of the most unique “Without Artificial Ingredient” vacations ever.

We are a peaceful people, environmental protectors, and respectful of our culture and values. Come and discover, and partake in a magical natural and cultural experience, within a relaxing and stable environment, and with people that are easy-going, warm, and friendly.

Allan Flores
Tourism Minister of Costa Rica


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