Limon Province

The caribbean province is a natural paradise, formed by a combination of dense jungles, imposing mountains, and paradisiac beaches. Limon has the highest percentage of protected land in Costa Rica, as well as a wide variety of flora and fauna. Its vegetation is exuberant as are the cultures throughout the province.

The road to Limon from San Jose crosses the majestic Braulio Carrillo National Park where beautiful journey to the lowlands of the caribbean begins.

Perhaps the most exuberant region of Limon is Tortuguero National Park, at the north part of the province. The park is a vast extension of protected land and the most important of the Atlantic coasts for the spawning of the green turtle. The city of Limon is the point of arrival for visitors. It is a port, which is essential in Costa Rica’s economic life and the greatest living example of the multicultural meeting experienced in this region throughout history.

Traveling south, at an hour’s distance, we find Cahuita, a typical caribbean villa. This town has become “a must” for visitors, for it represents the essence of a culture, and the beauty of Cahuita National Park, which protects an important expanse of coral reefs. The quiet waters in this spot are a plus for lovers of snorkeling. The underwater scenery is marvelous, with a wide chain of coral reefs, composed of different types of coral and occupied by an immense variety of tropical fish.

Another important city is Puerto Viejo, barely 30 minutes from Cahuita. A combination of music, beaches and food are the elements attracting thousands of tourists year by year.

Along the coastal area, travelers find a good number of options for lodging. The vast majority of hotels and cabins are small and formed of traditional bungalows, a unique type of construction of the caribbean.

Gandoca-Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge is located just at the end of the coastline, almost at the border of Panama. This refuge protects almost 4,500 hectares of beaches and sea, for the spawning of four species of turtles. In Manzanillo, kayaks are available to glide through the gentle mangroves in search of birds and reptiles characteristic of the area.

The province of Limon possesses a unique culture in Costa Rica, a way of life that may be fully appreciated during the traditional carnivals held each year. *** Information courtesy of Destinos magazine


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