Culture -
21 days

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Culture - 21 days

Option 1

1.Day 1:

Arrive at SJO Airport

2.Day 2:

San Antonio de Escazú (adobe houses, folk mask factories, marimbas factories, mud ovens)

3.Day 3:

Tiquirrisí (indigenous cultural tours and handicrafts)

4.Day 4:

Puriscal (indigenous cultural tours, sugar cane tours)

5.Day 5-6:

Turrialba (cheese tour, sugar cane tour, museums)

6.Day 7:

El Guarco (sculpture park, artisan workshops)

7.Day 8:

Ujarras & Orosi (historical museums, Ujarras church ruins, Chayote tour, Orosi Church)

8.Days 9-11:

Los Santos (coffee culture tour, La Lucha Farm)

9.Day 12:

Santa Ana (artisan workshops, ceramics, agriculture center)

10.Day 13:

Ciudad Colon (county market, historical churches)

11.Day 14:

Moravia & Coronado (indigenous settlement, gothic church)

12.Days 15-16:

Guatuso town (local artisans)

13.Days 17-18:

La Virgen de Sarapiquí (indigenous & cultural museum, Chorotega ceramic workshop)

14.Days 19-20:

Orotina (fruit tours, local gastronomy)

15.Day 21:

Depart from SJO airport   

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