Nature -
21 days

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Nature - 21 days

Option 1

1.Day 1:

Arrive at SJO airport 

2.Days 2-3:

Sirena Station (heart of Corcovado National Park)                                                

3.Days 4-5:

Piedras Blancas National Park

4.Days 6-7:

Las Cruces & Wilson Botanical Gardens in Sanvito

5.Day 8:

Biolley Altamira Station in Buenos Aires                                                    

6.Days 9-10:

Cerro de la Muerte & Parque Nacional Los Quetzales 

7.Days 11-12:

Los Santos & Las Vueltas Biological reserves

8.Day 15:

Irazu Volcano National Park

9.Days 16-17:

Tortuguero National Park

10.Day 18:

La Cangreja National Park

11.Day 19:

Río Macho Forest Reserve

12.Day 20:

Grecia Forestal Reserve

13.Day 21:

Depart from SJO Airport

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