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We have combined ALL THREE Biophilia Park experiences just for you! Butterfly & Research Lab, Medicinal Plants Garden and Education Jungle Night Walks. In this combo you will join Biophilia Park and nature professionals to learn about the importance of conservation & sustainability. You will begin this experience entering our unique, specialized butterfly garden, where you will see these amazing creatures fly around you, showing their beautiful colors and peculiar body parts, from there your guide will begin talking about what is a butterfly, what makes a butterfly, and much more!! As you continue to walk through the garden, you will see our lab & research center, where you can see larvae & pupae through the glass windows, the lab is surrounded by 19 artistic-scientific illustrations using the chromoluminarism technique for a closer perspective & understanding of these amazing creatures. You will be inside the butterfly garden for about 1.5-2 hours. Exiting the butterfly garden, you will then move in to the educational journey of the Medicinal Plants Garden where there are over 100 different types of plants! Learn all about the exotic plants of Costa Rica and many others, brought to us by our ancestral indigenous generations thousands of years ago, which nowadays help us, lead a healthier life, as well as many different plants we use day to day! At the end of these tours, enjoy a cup of cool herbal tea, homemade by our garden keepers. Finally, when the sun is down, you will walk through the nocturnal jungles of Manuel Antonio when the most beautiful night concert, led by the orchestra of nature begins. You will take flashlights with you which will help take beautiful close up pictures of these creatures, this tour is a magical experience in search of the night-active fauna characteristic of the area, and learn about the flora that sustains the forest life. Note: Each tour is about 1.5-2 hours long, it’s important to wear comfortable shoes & appropriate clothes for each activity! We do not recommend the use of bug repellent for Butterfly Garden & medicinal plants visit. We will provide natural repellent. Duration of the tour: 6 hours Schedule: Time adjusts to your needs.


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