Cataratas Nauyaca

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Cataratas Nauyaca

2 kilómetros suroeste de la Escuela de Platanillo, Barú, Pérez Zeledón.



Cataratas Nauyaca

It is a Costa Rican family tourist company, which has been dedicated for years to the operation of tours, which are performed on horseback, pick up tour and the hiking through a farm that borders two impressive waterfalls belonging to the Barucito River. The Nauyaca Waterfalls are located in a canyon approximately eighty meters wide. One of the falls is forty-five meters high in free fall and the other twenty meters high in stepped fall, forming at the foot of it, a pool of a thousand square meters and six meters deep. Then there are other natural pools of smaller size, which can be used for the enjoyment of the whole family. Nauyaca Waterfalls in Costa Rica is the ideal place for lovers of nature and adventure where the tourist can expand the cavalcade, walk, swim, climb, jump, take pictures and enjoy a wonderful day, in one of the most beautiful places beautiful of the pacific south of Costa Rica.


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