Diamante Eco Adventure Park

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Diamante Eco Adventure Park

Playa Matapalo, 300 oeste del Hotel Riu


Diamante Eco Adventure Park

Diamante is known for its exciting Zip Line course featuring the longest dual action zip line in the country and is home to a renowned Animal Sanctuary and one of the most beautiful Wildlife Education Centers in Costa Rica. The Zip Line course is a ‘must do’ experience offering the longest ride times and featuring a nearly mile-long ocean view line Superman-style, a 30-foot free fall Quick Jump and a hanging bridge over crocodiles. Diamante’s Animal Sanctuary is home to frogs, snakes, crocodiles, monkeys, many species of birds, including toucans, a butterfly observatory, a sloth habitat and a variety of cats including pumas and jaguars. The cultural experience is located in the Botanical Garden. The garden’s shaded pathways surrounded by fruit trees, flowers and plants lead guests to a “Traditional House”, a typical farmhouse common in the area 100 years ago. A guide offers a unique “hands-on” cultural experience with coffee, chocolate and sugar cane. Horseback Riding and ATV Tours are favorite activities available to guests and at Diamante there are over a hundred acres to explore safely while never leaving the property. Diamante’s oceanfront location is home to “Hammock Beach”. The ideal spot to continue with activities such as stand-up paddle boarding, snorkeling and kayaking or relaxing on the oceanfront in the hanging chairs and hammocks.


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