Ecopalmas de Chilamate

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Ecopalmas de Chilamate

1 Kilometro Norte de Escuela de Rancho Chilamate, Sarapiqui, Heredia.

(506) 2761 0706

Ecopalmas de Chilamate

Visit a 33 hectare organic pineapple plantation located in La Virgen de Sarapiquí, an area characterized for the richness of its soils and surrounding nature. Organic Paradise Tour is a rural place where you will find a unique and authentic organic agricultural experience. The beauty of this area drew the Costa Rican owner and his family to this place 20 years ago with a vision and the belief that organic agriculture is the future of humanity. Since then, he has worked to bring more employment to the community through the foundation of Organic Pineapple Sogo and through continued growth and diversification of production with varieties of crops such as yucca, lemon and guanabana. On the journey our experts guide you on an excellent rural adventure across the farm on a specially designed tractor where you see and learn about the different sections and stages of growth of our organic pineapples and plantation. Through this you will learn tips regarding the production of pineapple along with the history of the indigenous roots in the plantations of Costa Rica. At the end of the tour, while surrounded by our tropical paradise and listening traditional music, we invite you to drink a delicious smoothie and enjoy fresh slices of our organic pineapples.


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