Hacienda La Chimba

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 Hacienda La Chimba

San José, Santa Ana, Río Oro, del Súper Río Oro, 1 7 kms al sur y 350 metros al este.

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 Hacienda La Chimba

Located just 25 minutes away from San José, Hacienda La Chimba offers a wide variety of activities in one destination. Take a tour of an incredible coffee plantation where we recreate an old town from the 1920s full of history, Costa Rican details and everything related to coffee culture, also the interesting process and try a delicious cup of coffee as well. In addition to the coffee experience, La Chimba has a complete adventure package, enjoy the Mantra Trail, a 5km or 9km hike through the forest and coffee plantations with amazing photo spots. Or if you are looking for more, you can fly in the treetops with our Canopy or High Ropes tour and climbing wall. Hacienda La Chimba is the perfect one day tour with a coffee tour, hiking trails, zip line tour, high ropes tour and an excellent typical restaurant, all in the welcoming Costa Rican spirit.


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