Hot air ballooning

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Hot air ballooning in Costa Rica

Hot air ballooning has been a favorite pastime in Costa Rica since 1991. Seeing Costa Rica from a hot air balloon silently gliding about the tree tops is a perfect way to take in all the beauty this tropical paradise has to offer including volcanos, mountains, villages, rainforests, amazing wildlife and more.

For safety

  • Balloon flights in Costa Rica lift off at sunrise when the air is most calm. It also happens to be the most beautiful time of the day, when the world is still very fresh and animals are just waking up.
  • The balloon flight is very serene, but the start and the end can be somewhat more eventful. It is probable that at the end of the flight the basket will tip on its side, requiring all passengers to "hang on" as the envelope (fabric part) of the balloon deflates.
  • Layered clothing is recommended. Although it may be chilly in the morning, once the sun is shining brightly it gets hot in the balloon. Light weight, light colored clothing is advised, including long sleeves for better protection from the sun and, when off the beaten path, against insects and foliage (sugar cane leaves are similar in abrasiveness to corn leaves).
  • Strong shoes (tennis shoes are sufficient) that offer full foot protection are mandatory; socks and long pants are strongly recommended, also because of insects and foliage. Long pants and strong shoes also are your best protection.
  • You will need to get yourself into and out of the basket (about 1 meter/40 inches high) without help.
  • Comfortable clothing is recommended.
  • It’s recommended to take water, but not food in the basket. Glass bottles and cups are not allowed for safety reasons.
  • You always need to follow the pilot’s orders, you are not allowed to jump in the basket, or try to get out of it without the pilot’s indication.
  • All participants must be taller than 130 cm/51.2 in.
  • If you have any problems with altitude, nervousness with altitude, vertigo, or any problem following pilot orders, or incapacity in your arms or legs which may make it difficult to hold on and support your weight with your arms during the landing, then you should advise the company before booking.

Costa Rica's best places for hot air balloning

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