Stand Up Paddling (SUP)

Stand Up Paddling in Costa Rica

This new sport consists of standing on a long, buoyant board while paddling—thus the name “Stand Up Paddling.” The design of the board—similar to that of a surfboard, only larger—means it offers its rider more stability while he or she stands, paddles, and steers. It can be practiced at many of the beaches on the Pacific coast, such as Samara and Carrillo, and it’s even possible to catch a wave or two at some of the smaller beaches. The undulating waters and rolling waves add an exciting and challenging component to the SUP ocean experience, making it very different from its lake-based counterpart.

The SUP tour at Lake Arenal offers its participants the chance to paddle around the lake’s many bays and coves while enjoying an incredible view of the volcano. The tranquil waters of the lake make for a smooth and easy experience, allowing the rider to take in the area’s incredible scenery at his or her own pace. The calm water also gives riders the chance to better experiment on their boards, engaging in races, games, and even yoga poses, all at the base of the grand Areal Volcano. Regardless of the body of water on which you try it, though, SUP in general is very easy and fun! Children 8 years and older and adults of all ages can enjoy it, and on the longer, wider boards, it is even possible for mom and dad to paddle while the kids sit up front.

SUP tours are available at various Costa Rican destinations and, generally, all of the tours include specialized SUP boards and equipment, instruction, guides, and transportation. It truly is an ideal water sport for people of all ages and athletic backgrounds: surfers can test their skills on a different kind of board while first-timers and vacationers looking to spend some time on the water can get out and try something new. But don’t just take our word for it; come and try it for yourself!


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