Protected Areas

in Caribbean

Protected Areas in Caribbean


Tortuguero was declared a national park on Sept. 24, 1970, and its boundaries were extended three times (1980, 1995 and 1998). Its area has increased from 64,701.45 hectares to 76,937.

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Barbilla National Park

 This protected area was first declared a biological reserve in 1982 and later in 1998 it officially became a national park. It holds an important tropical wet rainforest and its 30,000 acres is an important water source.

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Cahuita is a unique national park in Costa Rica because of its close relationship with the community. It’s an example of shared management for sustainable development between the community and government.

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Gandoca-Manzanillo is a mixed (state- and private-owned) National Wildlife Refige in which the combination of land, beach and sea landscapes along with the local culture make for a very attractive destination for visitors.

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