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Central Pacific

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Activities here allow deeper understanding of natural and cultural attractions, as well as a close relationship with nature, adventure and sports and recreation.

Horseback riding

This activity may be enjoyed on the coast, in the communities or in the mountains of this region. Horseback tours are offered by tourism companies, landowning associations or families that rent horses.


Hiking is a good way to take in various tourist attractions, including natural parks, beaches, ecotourism trails, historical buildings, architectural monuments or cultural tours around various communities of interest.

Recreational cycling

The region features beaches, mountains and picturesque roads, offering adventure or relaxation sites for touring on regular or mountain bikes.

Adventure tours

The Quepos–Manuel Antonio area offers all-terrain-vehicle tours high in the mountains. Other adventures include walking over suspension bridges, touring mangrove swamps by boat, butterfly gardens, horseback riding, dolphin and bird watching, sportfishing and more.

Architectural and historical sites

The city of Puntarenas features a small old town with the characteristics of a historical center. There are buildings of architectural and historical interest as well as National Monuments, including the old Port Military Headquarters facilities, Parque Mora y Cañas and the Central Church. San Lucas Island and the hauntingly interesting old San Lucas Penitentiary may also be visited.

Bird watching

Bird-watching can be enjoyed in various public and private protected areas, including Negritos, Pajaros, Cabo Blanco, Carara and Curu, as well as other fine spots.


Diverse flora and fauna in natural areas, stunning coastal landscapes and cultural interest make taking photos and video a highly popular tourist activity.


Sportfishing is one of the Central Pacific’s main attractions. Artisan, recreational or challenging sportfishing may all be enjoyed in the Quepos area.

Rural tourism activities and services

Rural tourism activities and services offered in the Central Pacific and their corresponding locations within the region are as follows:

El Silencio Lodge is located 35 kilometers from downtown Quepos on the Quepos–Dominical coastal highway. Cross the Río Savegre and go six kilometers to arrive at the El Silencio Cooperative. Activities: Horseback riding or hiking through natural protected areas with panoramic views of the Savegre Valley and the Pacific coast. Waterfalls, rafting and kayaking trips on the Savegre.

Ecoturismo Comunal Quebrada Arroyo is located 25 kilometers east of Quepos on the highway to Londres. This association allows visitors to learn about their rural community and lifestyle while enjoying nature. Activities: Wooded trails ideal for bird-watching and enjoying waterfalls and viewpoints.


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