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Lauraceas Garden

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Lauraceas Garden

The lodge, restaurant and botanical garden Lauráceas is a small enterprise owned by Chacón Mora family (five daughters, mother and father). Since our childhood, our parents inculcated the ideas of studying and developing an enterprise. Now, with the unconditional support for our parents, we venture on it. Our main objective is that each person that visit our lodge-restaurant can take away the energy that brings us the beautiful mountains of San Gerardo de Dota.

The restaurant was built with trees planted in our farm some years ago; it has two floors. The design and the decoration are focus in cypress wood and green colors, which are representative of San Gerardo. The cuisine is mainly based in local products. We have two star products: the avocado and the trout. Those are cultivated and harvested in our farm so that the freshness is guaranteed.<p>

In addition, we use local fruits such as “tomatillo de palo”, “uchuva” (Cape gooseberry), kale, blackberry, “naranjilla”, apple, plum and others in our plates (depending of the season). In regards to the lodging, we offer two available rooms. Each one has two double beds, a coffee table, a sofa and amenities. The rooms are designed with a rustic but modern style that bring a warm atmosphere, perfect for cold temperatures of San Gerardo.

As added value for our clients, we offer a free pass to visit our Lauráceas Botanical Garden also located in our property. This project started three years ago. The garden’s density is perfect for birdwatching. There are many species to see; especially hummingbirds who enjoy the variety of our plants. This garden has rest areas and a lookout where you can see San Gerardo Community and beautiful mountains.

Our product is differentiated because our infrastructure, our cuisine and our botanical garden.


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