Alsama Tours

Alsama Tours

Uruca, sobre la Autopista General Cañas, mano derecha Robledal, en el lobby del Hotel Best Western Irazú.,

506 6167 2539

Alsama Tours

At Alsama Tours we believe in providing more than a transportation service, providing an experience, so for us all our clients are VIPs.

We will help you experience Costa Rica life in its true sense. From living among the residents to eating authentic delicacies you are sure to walk home with memories and wonderful moments.

Surrounded by scenic beauty and beautiful tourist attractions we make it convenient for you to visit all the beautiful places with our in-house guide. We can also help you arrange transport facilities for an easier commute to nearby places.

With our agency you can be sure of comfort, safety and satisfaction, since our mobiles are modern and in good condition and our certified drivers and guides will provide you with high customer service taking into account that our main purpose is to create experiences!

If you are looking for a relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating experience altogether, we offer all of that under one roof.

Alsama brings the best experience on your trip.


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