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Las Cruces Estación Biológica

Pacifico Sud

Puntarenas, Coto Brus, San Vito


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At the Las Cruces Biological Station you will be pleased to find twelve cozy rooms that are nestled in the Wilson Botanical Garden. For 50 years the gardens have provided visitors with a wide variety of exotic and native plants to admire that includes the second largest collection of palms in the world. The sounds of more than 400 species of birds will immerse you with in a perfect balance between nature and relaxation. You will also have the opportunity to explore our the 300 hectares of forest

Indirizzo: San Vito De Coto Brus, Puntarenas 60801
Puntarenas Coto Brus San Vito

Quantità di camere: 12


Las Cruces Estación Biológica


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